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2021 Survey and Community Conversations

Bad libraries build collections, good libraries build services, great libraries build communities” - R. David Lankes

It is this goal, of building a better community, that makes the Mary Cotton Public Library excited to gather information from the most important source: you. To inform strategic improvements, the library is seeking the public's input via a survey and in-person Community Conversations.


The Mary Cotton Public Library is launching a two-part survey, inviting feedback from library users and also non-users in the community, to aid in strategic planning. The library is eager to discover how it can better meet needs within the community. The survey is in two parts: Part 1 covers Library Usage, General Questions and Demographics; Part 2 covers Materials, Services and Programs. Part 1 launches this week on August 18 and will close August 29. Part 2 will run September 1-12, followed by the in-person Community Conversations. Each survey takes about 10 minutes to complete.

The library is hoping to hear back from a wide variety of constituencies and as many people as possible in order to guide decisions for the future of the library. The survey can be completed online through the Library's website at or by clicking this link: Paper copies of the survey are available at the library.


Mary Cotton Public Library is pleased to announce that it has been awarded an American Library Association’s Libraries Transforming Communities grant. Libraries Transforming Communities is a grant focused on utilizing local libraries as centers of community discussion and engagement on issues important to the community. The Mary Cotton Public Library is seeking community participation to understand how the

library can better serve patrons and what function the library can have within the broader Sabetha community. In conjunction with the community survey, three scheduled in-person Community Conversations will be held to inform MCPL on the public’s perspectives and opinions.

Community Conversations (do not have to attend all three)




These conversations are open to all, no library card required. Times and locations to be announced soon.

For more information, visit, email and follow @MaryCottonPublicLibrary on social media.



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