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To connect patrons with books that have important stories to tell; to create a sense of community during these times of uncertainty; to challenge one's self to learn something new.



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Discover some of Lillian's favorite books (with *), as well as other notable titles that feature the summer season. Prizes are awarded to those who complete 4 or 6 books.


1700 miles of Australian Outback. Just a bunch of camels and sand? I don't think so. Discover this true story of the incredible journey Robyn Davidson took and gain a new perspective on this crazy thing called life.

Lonesome Dove

The open range, cowboys, ruffians. This book spans a slew of characters. You don't have to be a sharpshooter to enjoy this American Classic. This book inspired the award winning miniseries of the same name with Robert Duvall.

Fahrenheit 451

You'd be roasted at this temperature but Bradbury is sizzling with a story of a dystopian world where books are not only banned, they're burned.

Far From the Madding Crowd*

Don't let this somewhat soapy storyline fool you; this is a British classic and it packs a punch. Unrequited love, mystery, sheep, and a main character that might drive you crazy. There's a little bit of Bathsheba in all of us, I think. Above all, there are some fantastic lines of wit and wisdom.

100 Years of Solitude

Travel south of the border for this modern classic tale of a multi-generational family story set in a small town. Think Sabetha with a Columbian twist.

A River Runs Through It*

A semi-autobiographical story about two brothers and their love of flyfishing. Set in Montana during the early 20th C. Fans of Hemingway or Thoreau may find equal pleasure in the depictions of the landscape and family relationships.


Got a shovel? Uncover your inner teenager in this wild story of one interesting juvy center. What if all this digging isn't meant as punishment, but for something else intirely?

The Namesake*

Travel through time and personal experience in this unique story of one Indian American man's exploration of one's sense of self in a name.

The Maltese Falcon

Spades' the name, Sam Spade. 1930s crime noir at its finest. Think grown up Hardy Boy's. Don't forget to check out the classic film with the one and only Humphrey Bogart.

The Secret Garden*

While it may take you some time to warm up to the main character, this book is anything but cold. This children's classic reveals the power of friendship and the transformation we can all undergo with a little help from nature.

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