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Download Vroom for brain-building tips for your children

Vroom offers daily “brain-building” tips that help parents and caregivers turn everyday moments into learning opportunities. Featured activities are age-specific and can easily be carried out alongside everyday routines, such as bathtime, mealtime, or walks around the block. Each tip is paired with a “Brainy Background” that explains what skills your child is learning. Families have access to over 1,000+ Vroom tips organized by topic and activity (such as Take Turns and Getting Dressed), and can add multiple children to their account to receive personalized tips for each child. For: Ages 0-5 Where: You can create a Vroom account on, download the free App to your Android, Apple, or Kindle Fire device, or sign up here to receive your daily tip via text. What: Fast and fun tips to boost your child’s learning

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